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"This is an incredibly unique and interesting way to present photos!"
--Toini from Minnesota
I like "the sharpness of the transfers to the dried leaves. I have a Picture Framing Business and your products were accepted greatly. I have a few of your leaves which were matted and framed and hanging in our gallery."
--James from Tennessee
I like "the uniqueness of the product. This product was an awesome gift idea! I will definently order more from you guys."
--Rebecca from Alabama
"I like it so much. This is a cool product!"
--Shindy from California
"This is one of the coolest things I have ever ordered and I am actually going to order more in the future. Great product and I have no clue how you did it."
--Fuqua from Kentucky
"I have received the order. It is a very nice product. I will place another order tonight."
--Noble from Montreal Canada
"Love, Love the leaf."
--Stephanie from Maryland
"I got them and they are most wonderful! I showed it to my mother and she absolutely thought it was priceless. There isn't really anything I can say that I don't like about your product. They are so uniquely wonderful. When I took them in to get framed? Both leaves at separate times. Everyone who saw them, liked them very much. Thank-you, and you really do put out an amazing product! Thank-you, so very much!"
--Bill from California
"I received it. It's beautiful!"
--Heather from Texas
"I like the idea of putting verses or pics on these leaves. They make an unusual gift for the person with everything .... or nothing."
--Diane from Michigan
"I just got it yesterday and it looks amazing! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround, it's perfect. Thanks again."
--Alicia from Montana
"I received my order very very quick which I was surprised by considering its a real leaf. When it arrived I was very pleased with the the print and the detail of it. Very surprised, didn't think it would be that good of a picture on it. Thank you"
--Daryle from United Kingdom
"received my leaf when you said I would. It is beautiful. hoping to order more!"
--Debbie from Pennsylvania
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