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Question: Is art leaf product made of real leaf?
Answer: Yes, each art leaf is made of real tree leaf through dozens of delicate processes. Each leaf is naturally grown and is approximately 7 to 9 inches long. The final artwork is as thin and semi-transparent as a Cicada wing, and flexible and durable to make excellent gifts or collections. Your art leaf is guaranteed to be unique since no two natural leaves in the world are exactly the same.

Question: What is the size of the art leaf?
Answer: Each leaf is different, and the size of the art leaf may be approximately 7 to 9 inches long, and 3 to 4 inches wide.

Question: How soon can I receive my ordered art leaf?
Answer: Usually you can get your art leaf 3~5 business days after you make the order. If you order from countries other than USA, it can take up to 2~3 weeks to recieve your art leaf depending on the shipping time.

Question: Is art leaf endurable?
Answer: Each art leaf has been through several anti-aging processes, to make it endurable and flexible. Avoid direct sun shine and heavy moisture where you keep the art leaf, as you usually do to keep any of the other artworks with vivid image, will help keep the art leaf in good shape in decades.

Question: Can I order multiple art leaves with same image?
Answer: Yes. After you select the image to upload, you can choose the leaf templates you want to use with the image. An image can be used on multiple leaf templates. You can also order multiple leaves using same image and template. At "View Cart" page, you can change the quantity of leaf to any number you want.

Question: What are the requirements for the image to be used?
Answer: We accept images in JPEG(.jpg or .jpeg), GIF and PNG formats. For best result, the image size should be between 100KB to 3MB.

Question: Will my image be put on leaf in "Landscape" or "Portrait" orientation?
Answer: Usually we will choose Landscape layout if your image is landscape orientation, and choose portrait layout if your image is portrait orientation. And we will accordingly modify the template pattern (such as the orientation of flowers or butterflies, for example) when necessary. We customize every leaf, to achieve the best result for you.

Question: If I choose to put a few words on my image, how will it be placed?
Answer: Based on your image and the pattern you choose, we will choose the best font size, font color and location to put your texts.

Question: Do you ship product to outside of America?
Answer: Yes, we ship our product worldwide. Usually it takes 2~4 days to ship within USA. And it can take up to weeks to ship to some countries.

Question: What is the cost for shipping and handling?
Answer: For orders within USA, the shipping and handling cost is $1.5 per leaf. For international orders, the shipping and handling cost is $2.5 per leaf. The shipping and handling cost will have deductive rate for order with multiple leaves:

Number of Leaves shipping Cost (USA) Shipping Cost (International)
1 $1.5 $2.5
2 $2.7 $4.5
3 $3.6 $6.0
4 $4.2 $7.0
5 or more



Question: How to check out using any credit card instead of Paypal account?
Answer: At Paypal checkout page, click the link of "Don't have a PayPal account?", then choose the "Credit Card" option to check out using any credit card.

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