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A Unique Artwork and Novel Gift. You can put photo or picture onto real tree leaves, to make a novel artwork and unique gift. You can put your favorite Bible verse onto tree leaf, to "take a leaf out of God's book". You can also put your favorite principles on tree leaf, to make an encouraging gift for your friends or yourself.

Each leaf is naturally grown and approximately 7 to 9 inches long. The final artwork is as thin and semi-transparent as a Cicada wing, and flexible and durable to make excellent gift or collection. Your gift is guaranteed to be unique since no two natural leaves in the world are exactly the same.

Easy to Order. Just upload your photo or Bible verse, then check out online using credit card or PayPal. No account registration is needed. Each leaf costs only $19.95 $14.95.
photo on leaf, image on leaf, leafart, art on leaf
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